Administrative Services
Administrative ServicesThe administration of benefit plans for any employer can be a daunting process.  Indeed, you need a strategic partner who is solid as a rock and can assist you in “rising to the top” and succeeding.  We will assist you in selecting a carrier and make it as easy as possible for you to administer your selected benefits.  Your benefit plans should never be a burden to any staff member of your company.

The Business Store has concentrated on improving our service in benefit management.  By the design and implementation of software and unique programs, we have eased the burden of administration for our customers.  We have set ourselves apart from the traditional insurance agency.  Indeed, from the very beginning, it has been our practice to interview our customers to determine what their greatest difficulties are in administering their benefit plans.  The key to our success has been designing, testing and implementing innovative solutions to meet their needs.

  • Broker Services Department  – This department is at your disposal to assist with billing issues, contract issues, enrollments, meetings, processing, etc.
  • Reporting  – – The Business Store has the computer capability to track and report to you the effectiveness of your employee benefit plans by the requests we receive from your employees.  We provide a report on all of our services provided.
  • Dedicated Broker Services Representative  – You will have an executive assistant assigned to facilitate all benefits and services for your group
  • BENETRAC – Benefits Communication  – What good does it do to provide benefits if the employee does not realize what you are providing?  Do they know how much you spend on their behalf?  A benefits “paycheck statement” describing both “seen and unseen” benefits provided by the employer is very beneficial in improving morale.
  • – Billing program  – A unique means of managing billing and eligibility on-line through the Internet.  This provides the ability of the employee to “look-up” his/her benefits.fits.
  • COBRA Administration  – COBRA rights notification to terminated employees via proof of mail.  Direct billing available.
  • Internet Access to Service  – You will receive a password and may “look-up” at any time which employees have called in for assistance and what we have done to meet their demands.
  • Health Fairs  – The Business Store will arrange, design and implement employee health fairs.  This may include: carrier sponsored Health Analysis Vans, on site cholesterol screening, nutrition information, and carrier sponsored forums, carrier newsletters and health promotional items.  We can provide access to our internal nurse case manager to answer employee health questions.  We can arrange for a voluntary program, which offers up to 60% off on vitamins, etc.
  • Minimum of One Site Visit, Quarterly  – At the very least, we will send your dedicated service representative from The Business Store to your location once per quarter.  We will travel to any site for these visits, regardless of the geographic location (some exceptions).
  • Customer Inquiry Response Survey  – One out of every twenty members who call in for services are randomly selected to be mailed The Business Store Quality Assurance Questionnaire.  This is our “report card” on how we are doing.
  • Promotional Material  – In addition to the professional material from selected carriers, custom flyers help explain the benefits and promote the good will of your company.
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