Member Services

Member ServicesThe purchase of employee benefit plans is an important investment.  You expect to build a relationship with a firm who will help you receive a positive return on this investment.  The reason employers buy benefits is simple, they want the ability to hire and retain quality employees.  Employers know this is necessary to be competitive in the marketplace today.  The reward is the appreciation that your employees have in the plans that you purchase.  To ensure that positive response, it is absolutely critical that the employer implements a pro-active means of promoting their good will to the employees.  That is where we can help you build this relationship.

The Business Store is recognized as an industry leader in proactive services, resources and procedures that will help your company attract and maintain valuable employees.

  • Member Services Department  – A staff of insurance professionals whose sole function is to provide a resource for the employees of your company, and ensure that their problems and issues are resolved immediately, with one simple phone call.
  • Claim Resolution  – It is by no accident that The Business Store is recognized as one of the leading Member Service Departments in the industry, carrier and non-carrier alike.  We are designed and have established procedures so that your employees enjoy professional and consistent service every time they call.
  • Years of Established Relationships with Carriers  – When your employees need immediate help, we have the contacts.  Our Member Service staff has direct access to the people that make the decisions. People such as carrier medical directors, Utilization Review Nurses, Case Managers, IPA U.R. staff, etc.
  • Custom Designed Software  – This allows The Business Store to date and time stamp all member service inquiries.  We record details of not only the initial calls from the employees of your company, but record all subsequent calls made on their behalf.
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