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Cut your taxes by thousands of dollars this year

Dear Self-­‐Employed Taxpayer:

I am introducing this program to you because as your broker I am always looking for ways to help my clients save money, especially when it comes to reducing your income taxes to the IRS. Please feel free to take a few minutes to review this and give me a call with your questions or I will call you if I don’t hear from you in a couple of days.

A remarkable IRS-­‐approved retirement plan lets you possibly cut your taxes by substantially more than $40,000 each year. You are eligible for this plan whether your self-­‐employment income is from full-­‐time or part-­‐time work -­‐ or even from compensation as a consultant, or member of a company board of directors.

With this plan, you:

  • May be able to make a tax-­‐deductible contribution of $100,000 or more each year to fund your retirement
  • Choose how much money to contribute as long as it’s not more than the maximum you are allowed
  • Grow your retirement contributions tax-­‐deferred, making more money available when you retire
  • Choose how to invest the money
  • Have a range of options when you retire, including moving the money to an IRA rollover account,

    where it can keep growing tax-­‐deferred

    You do not have to reduce your standard of living to fund the plan. I can show you how you might pay for it with money that is not needed to support your lifestyle, including “government money” -­‐ money you are now paying in income taxes.

    This is a remarkable opportunity to cut your taxes by thousands of dollars this year and every year if you are age 40 or older. But the plan has to be in place by the end of the fiscal year for your business, which for most people is December 31, 2012, to reduce your 2012 income taxes. (You do not have to make the full contribution until your taxes are due in next year.)

    This plan is not for everyone but it may be right for you. Give me a call at xxx-­‐xxx-­‐xxxx and let’s talk about it. Sincerely,
    The Business Store Of Insurance

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