Life Insurance

Individual Life

Universal Life

A flexible form of permanent life insurance, Universal Life (UL) offers attractively-priced protection, as well as the potential for tax-deferred cash value accumulation.

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Term Life

Offering simplicity and economical protection, Term Life insures you an initial level period or span of years at a scheduled premium and helps to provide peace of mind for you and your family by protecting the assets you’ve worked so hard to attain.

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Survivorship Life

Survivorship or joint-life policies insure the lives of two individuals, paying the death benefit to beneficiaries upon the second death. This type of policy can help provide for a larger legacy for your loved ones, ensure the continued success of your business or help support your favorite charity.

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Whole Life

With Whole Life you are insured for your entire lifespan. Providing that the premiums are paid as specified, this policy will never expire. Upon death an insurance payout is made to your beneficiaries.

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Life Insurance is very powerful and versatile financial tool with tax advantages and tremendous leverage for asset protection. It’s also used widely as a business benefit and a funding source for executive bonus packages!

Are you looking:

  • to protect your family against loss of a breadwinner?
  • to protect against the impact of a loss of your partners to your business?
  • to keep or attract top talent to your company using life insurance?
  • to minimize the tax implications for your heirs?

Can we help you to understand more about the various types of life insurance?

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